Newsletter n.25.October, 1995.

Brotherhood in the name of All-Merciful Saviour was founded in 1990 by the communities of three Moscow parishes: St.Nickola-in-Kuznetsy, St.Mitrophany of Voronezh and St.Dimitry the Prince. It was approved by the Ministry of Justice in October 1990. The labour of the Brotherhood was blessed by Holy Patriarch Alexey II. At the beginning of our activities divine services took place only in Nickola-in-Kuznetsy church. The other two church buildings were destroyed: there was a warehouse in St.Mitrophany of Voronezh church and auxiliary hospital premises in St.Dimitry the Prince's church. The results of our 5-year work are placed in this newsletter.

The Field and the Fruit of the 5-Year Activities.
1990 - 1995.

  1. There is a number of churches where the priests of the Brotherhood serve and where lay members of the Brotherhood work: Nickola-in-Kuznetsy, Trinity, St.Vladimir the Prince (recently built), St.Mitrophany of Voronezh, church of Annunciation, of St.blessed martyr Elizabeth (recently built), St.George-in-Luchnikhy, St.Dimitry the Prince; of St. martyrs Vera, Nadezhda, Lubov and their mother Sophia (orphanage); of Resurrection-in-Khadashy; of Iverskaya icon of Mother of God ; of Vladimirskaya icon of Mother of God in the village of Bogoslovo; of Feodorovskaya icon of Mother of God near Moscow; of All Russian Saints (field church); memorial Chapel to grenadiers killed near Plevna. All the churches have been restored or built or are being restored by members of the Brotherhood.
  2. 8 priests and 7 deacons have been ordained out of the members of the Brotherhood by Holy Patriarch Alexey II.
  3. The Orthodox Theological St.Tikhon Institute.
  4. Orthodox Culture Adherent Society.
  5. Sisterhoods of Mercy.St.Dimitry the Prince's (under the hospital church after St.Dimitry the Prince),in the name of St. blessed martyr Elisabeth (under the churches of St.Mitrophany of Voronezh and Annunciation).
  6. St.Dimitry the Prince's Orthodox Medical College for the sisters of mercy.
  7. Medical educational centre "Life".
  8. Hospitals in charge of the Brotherhood: Gradskaya n.1, Hospital n.50, Children“s traumatic hospital n.20, Moscow regional psychiatric hospital, Children's department of Oncologic Centre, the Home for disabled psychocronics, Children's department of the Institute of heart vascular surgery after Bakhulev.
  9. Children“s Homes in charge: n.12, n.23; boarding schools in charge: nn.12,62,68,55,67,109.
  10. St.Dimitry the Prince's Orphanage for girls.
  11. Charitable dinning-rooms.
  12. Almshouse.
  13. Patronage service.
  14. Charitable chemict's shop.
  15. Christian Eduication and Charity Fund.
  16. Publishing House.
  17. "Pravoslavnoye Slovo" shop( theological literature).
  18. Two secondary schools: Traditional and Svet.
  19. Sunday schools in Nickola-in-Kuznetsy, Mitrophany of Voronezh and St.Dimitry the Prince Churches.
  20. Choirs: 2 men's ones, 6 children's and 8 mixed.
  21. Summer children and youth camps in the village of Bogoslovo, near Kalasin, near Volokholamsk.
  22. Hikes and piilligrimages.
  23. Workshops: icon painting, carving, mosaics, sewing, joiner's work.
  24. Economy: bakery, laundry, car park, vegetable garden in Bogoslovo, feodorovskoye and near Volokolamsk.
  25. Informational service.

According to the Brotherhood Charter, spiritual children of the priests of the Brotherhood who work in any field of the Brotherhood activities can be members of the Brotherhood. New members who are eager to work for the benefit of the Russian Orthodox Church and Russia are also accepted.